AlphaImager HP system

Versatile gel imaging

Alpha Imager HP system

Our automated gel documentation systems include a wide range of fluorescent and colorimetric applications with the flexibility to upgrade to Chemiluminescent detection. Learn more.

How Can AlphaImager HP Help You?

I'm tired of having to develop multiple exposures with film. It's wasteful and time consuming

Digital imaging gives you a greater dynamic range than film, which means you can detect faint bands and bright bands without oversaturating in a single exposure. And you get your data in minutes, with no waste at all

I only need to do gel documentation now, but I may want to image Western blots down the road

The AlphaImager HP comes with the flexibility to upgrade to do chemiluminescent imaging. It provides a budget-friendly imaging solution for gel imaging, leaving the door open to upgrade to chemiluminescent capability by simply upgrading to a cooled CCD camera.

I need to do analyses like densitometry and total protein normalization

AlphaView software, which comes with all AlphaImagers and FluorChem imagers, is packed with many advanced analysis features. From molecular weight analysis, lane profiling, and multiplex band analysis to colony counting and total protein normalization, AlphaView has everything you need for simple and complex applications.

I need to publish my results—how do I know I can get the quality images I need?

Our imagers have been published in over 20,000 publications worldwide. Our scientific-grade, high-resolution cameras ensure that you get great looking images that are perfect for publication.

Application Types Colorimetric, UV Fluorescent
System Configuration
Camera Resolution 1.4 Megapixels
A/D 12-bit
Lens 8-48 mm, f/1.2 Zoom, Motorized
Maximum Field of View 26 x 21 cm
Filter Positions 5, Motorized
Upgrade Options HD2, FC3 for chemiluminescence
Size 20" W x 15" D x 24" H (51 x 38 x 61 cm)
Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg)