Rethink your ELISA

Fully Automated Immunoassays on Ella

Simple Plex™ assays on Ella™ eliminate all the challenges that come with running a traditional ELISA.

  • All steps occur in a microfluidic cartridge and everything is preloaded—even the calibration curve
  • 25 μL of sample gets you sub-picogram level sensitivity and a four-log range of detection
  • Highly reproducible data across users and sites in just 75 minutes

Simple Plex assays are powered by R&D Systems, the industry leader in immunoassays and makers of the gold standard Quantikine® ELISA kits, and continue a legacy of quality in immunoassays.

Single Plex

Single Plex cartridge

High-throughput results in triplicate
72 samples, 1 analyte
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Multianalyte cartridge

Run four ELISAs at once Choose your throughput
32 samples, 4 analytes or 16 samples, 4 analytes
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Multiplex cartridge

Maximize your throughput and discover more
32 samples, up to 8 analytes
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Customizable cartridge

Build your own assay and get more flexibility
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