Need protein validation of your Single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) data?

Do you have a list of targets from your Single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) experiments and want to verify protein expression levels for your targets? Only Single-Cell Westerns offer the versatility to validate diverse protein targets discovered in your sequencing runs.

Milo provides single-cell protein expression information to validate your single-cell RNA data. Since mRNA levels do not always correlate with functional protein levels, pairing single-cell RNA data with single-cell protein expression data is critical to making accurate and complete conclusions about cellular function. Because Milo uses the large Western catalog of antibodies & can easily measure proteins irrespective of their location in or on a cell, Milo is the only platform with the versatility to detect diverse targets that are discovered in your sequencing runs.

Doing Single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) - Meet Milo!

How does Milo integrate into my Single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) workflow?

To get direct protein validation of your single-cell RNA data, you can split your sample and run half through a single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) workflow and half through the Milo Single-Cell Western workflow. Before probing your scWest chips, you can archive the chips until you have the results of your sequencing results – up to 9 months! Then select antibodies from the large commercial catalog of Western-validated antibodies to probe the scWest chips for your targets of interest. When you’re done, you will have single-cell protein heterogeneity data to validate your single-cell RNA data on the same sample.

Download our application note to learn how Milo was used in parallel with a 10X Genomics single-cell RNA-Seq workflow at the Stanford Functional Genomics Facility to validate single-cell RNA expression studies with single-cell protein expression data.

Want to learn more about Milo?

Watch the video and see how Milo can automate 1,000 single cell separations in just 4 hours.