Simple Plex for COVID-19 Research

Real-Time Biological Phenotyping

When researching an acute and deadly disease, speed and data quality are key. Ella provides cytokine and pro-inflammation immunoassays in a multianalyte, automated and standardized format. Get the most reliable immunoassay results in real time with Ella.

  • After loading the cartridge, data is available in just 75 minutes, which gets you to critical decision points faster
  • Factory calibrated cartridges minimize inter-lot variability, allowing you to get the same measurement anywhere
  • 80% reduction in manual steps eliminates operator error and variability

How Ella is Making a Difference

Ella is at the forefront of the fight with COVID-19. The Human Immune Monitoring Center at Mt. Sinai is leveraging the clinical quality data and real-time time results of Ella to understand if an immunologic response to COVID-19 is turning deadly. This insight is helping them determine if novel immuno-modulating therapies have the potential to mediate response to the virus. Learn more about their work here.

Ella COVID-19 Package

Ella is here to help your fight against COVID-19. For researchers in this space we're offering the platform along with everything you need to get up and running immediately, at the lowest price we've ever offered. If you're fighting this terrible disease, then we'd like to help you. The package includes:

  • The Ella Immunoassay Platform
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Software Toolset
  • Comprehensive 12-Month Warranty
  • Free Application Science Training*
  • 5x COVID-19 Cytokine Panel Cartridges

*To comply with your institutional policies and to help keep you safe, Ella can be user-installed with guidance from specialists, and our application training is provided via teleconference.

Simple Plex COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Panel

Measure key inflammation markers that are indicative of pathologic inflammatory response with a high quality multianalyte assay. The 16x4 COVID-19 Cytokine panel is perfect for batching small numbers of samples and getting results fast. Learn more about multianalyte cartridges here.

COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Panel Markers
IL-1-beta IL-6 2nd Gen IL-8 TNF alpha 2nd Gen

Simple Plex Multiplex Cytokine Screening Panel

The 32x8 Multiplex Cytokine Screening panel gives you deep insight into immunological response across a spectrum of critical markers. Get up to 256 results in just 90 minutes. Learn more about multiplex cartridges here.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Panel and Multiplex Cytokine Screening Panel are available off the shelf and at a special discount. Off the shelf cartridges ship within 48 hours in the continental US.


DISCLAIMER:  The Ella™ automated immunoassay platform is currently offered For Research Use Only;  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

See the full Simple Plex assay menu, learn more about how Ella works or talk to one of our Immunoassay Specialists about solutions for your lab.


Bio-Techne's Tools for Coronavirus Research

As a leading company in the life sciences research sector, Bio-Techne develops products and resources to support coronavirus research, including reagents and platforms for SARS-CoV-2 detection, cytokine monitoring, and drug discovery. These tools help the scientific community better understand the mechanisms of infection and develop effective treatments. Learn more about Bio-Techne's portfolio or products for Coronavirus Research.

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