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FluorChem R system

ALL FLUORCHEM INSTRUMENTS ARE DISCONTINUED AS OF OCT 15TH, 2021. ProteinSimple will continue servicing these products through Oct 15th, 2026.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ProteinSimple Technical Support at Toll-Free: (888) 607-9692 option 3 or

Do more with less

FluorChem R

Satisfy everyone in your lab with an imager that does it all—and takes the complication out of getting reliable, fully analyzed data too! Meet the FluorChem™ R system.


See those tiny, hard to detect bands on a 10.4 inch screen with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD camera.

Easy To Use

Who says you have to be in the lab to image your Westerns? Control the system and access your data from just about anywhere using browser-based Digital Darkroom software.

Digital Darkroom on mobile phone


Built-in IR and RGB light sources gets you crisp, clear images every time—regardless of your application.

How Can FluorChem R Help You?

I'm tired of doing multiple exposures with film to get the images I need

With a 5-log dynamic range enabled by the large, high-resolution CCD sensor in FluorChem imagers, you can detect faint bands and bright bands without oversaturating in a single exposure. And you get your data in minutes, with no waste at all.

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My proteins are close in molecular weight, and I need to be able to differentiate between them on a single blot

The 8.3 megapixel CCD cameras in FluorChem imagers ensure that you'll get the best image quality and the resolution you need to do accurate analysis, and differentiate between bands that are close together. The FluorChem M and R also enable multiplex fluorescent imaging, letting you analyze overlapping proteins in the same blot.

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I don't want anything complicated—I just want to see my proteins

Digital Darkroom software makes taking images super simple. Simply load the blot or gel, select a pre-programmed protocol on the touch-screen interface, and hit "Expose." The software automatically calculates and sets exposure and camera settings in order to acquire the best image. Once you have your image, analysis can be done on the spot in a matter of minutes. Digital Darkroom can even be accessed and controlled remotely, so you can review images and do analysis from your desk or even your phone.

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We're doing a lot of different applications, and we don't want to have to buy multiple imagers

FluorChem imagers are versatile—the FluorChem R has true multi-mode capabilities, with UV fluorescence, white light, chemiluminescence, visible fluorescence, and infrared fluorescence imaging, all in one compact system. Cover all your application bases with one easy-to-use system. The FluorChem E and M can be upgraded to the R for ultimate flexibility.

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I need to publish my results—how do I know I can get the quality images I need?

Our imagers have been published in over 20,000 publications worldwide. Our scientific-grade, high-resolution cameras ensure that you get great looking images that are perfect for publication.

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I need to do analyses like densitometry and total protein normalization

AlphaView software, which comes with all AlphaImagers and FluorChem imagers, is packed with many advanced analysis features. From molecular weight analysis, lane profiling, and multiplex band analysis to colony counting and total protein normalization, AlphaView has everything you need for simple and complex applications.

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FluorChem Applications

Cancer &

Simple Western Instrument Cancer Research Applications


Simple Western Instrument SARS-CoV-2 Research Applications

Cell & Gene Therapy

Simple Western Instrument Cell & Gene Therapy Research Applications

C&GT Western Blotting Solutions

Cell & Gene Therapy Western Blotting Solutions


Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeted Degradation

SARS-CoV-2 Serology

SARS-CoV-2 Multi-Antigen Serology Module



Vaccine Development

Vaccines Development




Dynamic Range Up to 65,536 grayscale
Field of View 16 cm x 12 cm maximum
Detector 8.3 megapixel, scientific-grade CCD, 16-bit A/D, thermo-electrically cooled to -30 °C absolute and regulated, 5-minute cool-down time
Optics 50-mm, f/1.4 motorized fixed lens
Light Sources IR and RGB fluorescent LED epi-excitation: 747, 632, 534 and 475 nm
302 nm UV transilluminator (365 nm optional)
Epi-white lights
Trans-white light via white light conversion screen
Emission Filters 10-position motorized filter wheel
835 nm filter
710 nm filter
607 nm filter
593 nm filter
537 nm filter
Computer Integrated computer with 10.4-inch LCD touch screen, 480 GB solid-state hard drive
Software Digital Darkroom software and AlphaView Stand Alone Analysis software
Size 32 cm W x 62 cm D x 62 cm H
Weight 34 kg (75 lb)
Power 100-230V AC, 345 W
Certifications CE, TUV