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Technical library

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Recent Literature

Mouse Lipocalin-2/NGAL   
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Human uPAR   
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Get USP <129> Equivalent Data with Maurice CE-SDS   
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AAV2 VP Protein Standards and Their Use in Quantifying Capsid Protein Ratio by Western Blot and Simple Western   
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SDS-042-203, Antibody Diluent 2, Eng, Rev B   
SDS-040-655, Goat Anti-Mouse HRP, Eng, Rev B   
SDS-043-379, Peroxide, Eng, Rev B   
SDS-042-414, Streptavidin-HRP, Eng, Rev B   
SDS-SM-W003, 12-230 kDa Jess Wes Separation Module, 2X25 Capillary Cartridges, Eng, Rev B   
SDS-046-039, CE-SDS IgG Standard, Eng, Rev B