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Application Notes

Confirming Accurate Particle Counting and Sizing on MFI Systems   
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Assess the Purity of Your Cell Therapy Product with Confidence: Micro-flow Imaging for Natural Killer Cell Therapeutics   
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Test More with Less Sample — Low Volume Particle Analysis with MFI + Bot1   
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Evaluating the Stability of Therapeutic Biosimilar Monoclonal Antibodies with Micro-Flow Imaging   
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Determining Residual Bead Count: Application of Micro-Flow Imaging to CAR T-Cell Manufacturing Application Note   
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MFI Silane-Coated Flow Cell Cleaning and Care Technical Note   
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Staying 21 CFR Part 11-Compliant with Micro-Flow Imaging View System Software and MFI Image Analysis   
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Automated Particle Analysis of Viscous Samples with MFI and the Bot1 Autosampler   
Easy Particle Analysis for Viscous Samples with MFI   
Fast, Multi-sample Particle Analysis Using MVSS 4.0   
More Efficiency with Equivalent Data: MFI 5200 Comparison to DPA 4200   
Comparability Study of Manual and Automated Particle Characterization with MFI   

Brochures and Datasheets

Micro-Flow Imaging View System Suite (V5.0) Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 Compliance Checklist   
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MFI Image Analysis Software   
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Multi-Sample Analysis Software for MFI   
Bot1 Autosampler for the MFI 5000 Series   
MFI Service and Support Datasheet   
MFI Publication References   
MFI 5000 Series Brochure   


Next-Generation Analytical Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy   
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Investigating Immuno-Oncology: Advances in Protein Analysis Tools   
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Applications in Bioprocessing    
Win the race to FDA approval with iCE™ and MFI™   
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Simplifying Protein Analysis   
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From Your Peers

MFI Helps Scientists Understand the Whole Stability Profile of Therapeutic Molecules during Formulation Development at MedImmune   
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MFI Raises the Bar on Product Quality for KBI Biopharma Clients   
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MFI + Bot1 a slam-dunk for biosimilars analysis at Samsung   


Simply Speaking Summer 2016    
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Poster MFI 2014 Sensitive Discrimination of Protein Aggregates and Sub-Visible Particle Types    
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Poster MFI 2014 Study of Manual and Automated Particle Characterization   
Novel Software Analysis of Protein Aggregation and Particle Analysis using Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) (WCBP 2013)   
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Poster MFI 2007 MFI for Parenteral Formulations   
Poster MFI 2007 MFI Test Protocol for Particles in Parenterals   
Poster MFI 2007 MFI vs Light Obscuration   
Poster MFI 2008 Analysis of Protein Formulations using MFI   
Poster MFI 2008 Particle Characterization using MFI   
Poster MFI 2008 Silicone Oil Induced Aggregation analyzed using MFI   
Poster MFI 2009 Method Development for Sub-Visible Protein using MFI   
Poster MFI 2009 MFI for Biotechnology   
Poster MFI 2010 Differentiation of Particles using MFI   
Poster MFI 2010 Sample Dilution and Protein Particle Linearity   
Poster MFI 2010 Subvisible Particles in High Concentration Protein and Silicone Oil Droplets using MFI   
Poster MFI 2010 Subvisible Particle Analysis in High Concentration Protein Formulations using MFI   
Poster MFI 2011 Development of a Sensitivity Reference Material for Calibaration and Validation of Particle Analyzers   
Poster MFI 2011 Enhanced Detection and Characterization of Near Transparent Particles using MFI   
Poster MFI 2011 Qualification of MFI for Sub-Visible Particle Analysis in Protein Formulations   


Learn More About Contaminants in Your Therapeutics with MFI   
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Micro-Flow Imaging Enables Cutting Edge Biopharmaceutical Research - Publication Spotlight   
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MFI Publication References   

Quick Reference Guides

MFI Flow Cell Cleaning Guidelines Quick Reference Guide   
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Technical Notes

MFI Silane-Coated Flow Cell Cleaning and Care Technical Note   
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User Guides

MFI Image Analysis Software User Guide   
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White Papers

Leveraging Micro-Flow Imaging to the Max   
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See What Light Obscuration Misses with Micro-Flow Imaging   
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MFI for Particle Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals Today